Process Mining

Used for discovering, monitoring, and improving processes by extracting objective, fact-based information using multiple tools and techniques that identify automation worthy processes.


Process Discovery

Deep diving processes to record as-is process, establishing the to-be process, documenting business requirements and establishing the value proposition


Business Process Re-engineering

Standardizing, optimizing and improving business processes to make them strong candidates for automation.


Automation Maintenance and Support

Provides strong institutionalized support to run and sustain bots though monitoring, notifications, troubleshooting, maintenance and support to minimize operational and functional failures.


Automation Development

Automation delivered using different business-specific engagement models while maintaining business continuity.



The service uses a SaaS model to bring a holistic approach, governance, best practices, and standards to manage an automation engagement (from tool selection to process identification, proof of concept, technology development, deployment, support, value measurement, and benefit tracking).


Managed Services

Our team prepares and provisions the infrastructure, design, development, deployment, support and governance for end-to-end managed automation engagements.


Center of Excellence

Organizations keen on reaching their defined goals, reaping the full business value of RPA and maximizing RoI, leverage our ability to establish their Automation CoE (addressing governance, technical expertise, design, deployment, analysis of processes, support, etc.) to gain speed, agility and scale in their automation initiatives.


Business Case and Value Management

The service aims to baseline, monitor and report on the value being created through automation. It also works with the leaders to establish the value proposition and a business case aligned to organizational objective.

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