Sustainability Data Analytics Platform for Implementing Sustainability 2.0

In recent years it has been witnessed that several industries are preparing to embrace sustainability — the management of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, waste management, green product development, and water conservation — as an integral factor for their manufacturing and is no longer treated as an expense but as a crucial value differentiator. The manufacturing industry is now introducing sustainability 2.0 as an integral part of its business model and core strategy. Launching sustainability 2.0 is to improve long-term sustainable goals and ESG (environmental, societal governance) challenges. The need to shift to more sustainable business operations is highly critical.

ITC Infotech is on a journey towards Sustainability 2.0, an agenda that reinvents sustainability under the compelling challenges of climate change and social inequity. This new agenda is driven by a remarkable combination of thought and action on ITC Infotech’s part with meaningful public-private-people partnerships. The Sustainability Report 2.0 is available here.

The Need for a Sustainability Data Analytics Platform

Research by Gartner states that 86% of business leaders have invested in sustainable practices to protect their organizations from disruptions. However, reporting on sustainability initiatives and finding various data types is difficult for all relevant parties to access. In order to drive sustainability performance management, the data analytics platform is vital.

Why is Sustainability Data Analytics Platform Necessary?

  • Unable to detect human errors during data collection – Leveraging AI-driven document processing methods
  • Unable to trace and audit data – Ensuring end-to-end traceability by customizing system logs as user-friendly. Approvers can easily interpret and make approval decisions with sustainability data reviews
  • Time-consuming while aggregating data – Introducing the power of data aggregating capabilities by customizing industry-standard data management tools
  • Inconvenience while accessing sustainability reports – Enabling self-serving capability with ideal role-based access control for different stakeholders
  • Difficulty in getting the approval of reported sustainability data – Leveraging integrated workflow for end-to-end automation of processes ranging from data preparation to approval
  • Proactive methods needed for meeting sustainability targets – Introducing machine learning models with the help of predictive analytics tools for preventive actions to meet the defined sustainability goals
  • No single source of truth for sustainability reports – Introducing a self-service platform for accessing sustainability artifacts

How Will the Sustainability Data Analytics Platform Help?

  • Integrated platform with low environment code to address the above-mentioned pain points
  • Single source of truth for stakeholders for complete transparency of sustainability reports
  • Secured access to data across stakeholders, data providers, reviewers, sustainability officers, and external auditors
  • Automated workflow for end-to-end data management and reporting
  • Complete traceability of data preparation, reviews, corrections, and approvals
  • Complex calculations to arrive the critical sustainability measures across environmental footprints – energy, emission, water, and waste
  • Prebuilt data model to reduce the time of implementation
  • Various connectors to extract data from scanned documents, PDFs, enterprise resource planning, and excel sheets

How is the ITC Infotech Sustainability Data Analytics Platform different from other platforms?

Here are the key differentiators that make ITC Infotech a strong player among others:

  • Single Version of Truth
  • Pre-built data model suitable for manufacturing and consumer product companies
  • Automation of data consistency, accuracy, and completeness verification in the data collection process
  • Inbuilt predictive insights for corrective actions to meet sustainability targets
  • Role-Based Access to Data
  • Accessible roll-out features across businesses
  • Configuration options for third-party audits
  • Full Stack Solution ensures data collection till sustainability reporting and analytics
  • Easy and convenient to deploy across different business units and facilities
  • The functional view of each of the components is depicted below:

The ITC Infotech Sustainability Data Analytics Platform is based on cloud technology, favouring the resource-efficient use of IT resources, and enabling every company’s flexible and expandable growth. With integrated solutions, companies can introduce sustainability goals more confidently and cleanly into their daily activities and move strategically toward building more resilient, sustainable businesses.


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