CIO Advisory Services

Technology and business leaders from across organizations work with ITC Infotech’s CIO Advisory Services group to align and improve realization of investments in technology portfolio. Our services allow IT to drive technology and process efficiencies throughout the organization, better support and deliver transformational business changes.

Sustainability & Energy

Organizations today face increasing challenges in the areas of Energy-Environmental, Sustainability and Resource Optimization. While cost concerns drive a majority of the initiatives, other major objectives include brand image, greening of the supply chain, regulatory compliance and listing requirements, among others. These challenges are arising from the inability to process and gain insights from vast amounts of disaggregated data, which is further complicated by complexities in data capture and analysis, and challenges due to integration with legacy systems.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our Energy Analytics and Resource Optimization services to optimize their resource use by using advanced analytics, statistical tools and smart customized infographics. Our sustainability management and reporting solution provides organizations with both consulting and IT support to reduce the effort spent on data capture and management, by the use of purpose-build software.

We also work with government organizations and International Financial Institutions in the areas of climate change to develop and deliver smart solutions for climate change, GHG inventorization and policy evaluation.

Hospitality Manual & Automated Testing

By using technology as an efficiency multiplier, companies in the Hospitality sector can drive sustained profitability, create a clear competitive advantage and stay relevant in a highly disrupted industry.

Technology platform providers have created industry specific solutions to fast-track transformation of operations. Hotels can take advantage of these technologies though robust testing processes to ensure the technology is aligned to their unique business requirements.

Leading hospitality players partner with ITC Infotech to power their operations with Oracle’s Hospitality for hotels – OPERA Enterprise Solution. Our robust testing frameworks and automation modules, built specifically for the hospitality industry, deliver integrity of data and assess functionality impact for system upgrades, new applications and product integrating.

API Management & Integrations

Consistently great hospitality experiences are often a result of masterful synchronization of customer enablement, partner programs, employee engagement, vendor relationships, applications and other services that cohesively align to build a successful brand.

Hospitality leaders partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our intelligent API management solutions and services to stabilize the communication process between data and services. Our consistent, personalized and contextual customer led approach to API management helps build brand loyalty and ensures customer satisfaction. Hospitality majors can quickly and seamlessly on-board affiliates from around the globe, expand their footprint, increase collaboration, and deliver a consistent and contextualized omni-channel customer experience.