Intelligent & Connected Planning

While organizations have moved frenetically in digitizing processes, the most strategic of them all – “planning”, has often been left behind! Planning is a critical strategic first step in any business and in today’s competitive world, organizations are in dire need of transforming their current planning processes across functions.

The traditional planning processes are highly manual and time consuming and can’t keep pace with modern day business challenges. The decision making is often not fact-based and is largely reliant on inconsistent-at times even flawed- data, which makes it error prone. Moreover, the planning is still performed in a siloed and disjointed manner, restricting collaboration and alignment of functional goals with organizational objectives.

In that context, ITC Infotech helps global businesses transform their planning processes and realize quantum business value through our differentiated “Intelligent & Connected Planning” perspective. Our Planning Solutions Center of Excellence combines rich domain knowledge & business consulting skills with deep technical expertise, with a proven track record in delivering Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance planning solutions for leading global organizations.

Healthcare Provider

The healthcare industry is shifting to value based care and providers are all set to adopt digital tools to meet population health and value-based care goals. Managed Care system has changed the scenario of the healthcare delivery system by reducing unnecessary healthcare costs. Providers are now looking at examining motivators and risk factors more than ever before.

Embedded Systems

Businesses of the future are being defined by more intelligent systems across the traditional embedded systems landscape. With growth and advancements in the field of electronics, wireless communications, networking, cognitive and affective computing and robotics, future technologies are expected to enable faster communications, heavy data storage capacities and offer highly interwoven connections among the devices. Ubiquitous or pervasive computing, intelligent devices, internet-of-things (IoT), cyber physical systems etc. are announcing the advent of tomorrow’s verticals like intelligent transport system, smart agriculture, smart healthcare systems and many more.

Stakeholders in the automotive, industrial automation, semiconductor, consumer electronics, avionics, energy, and healthcare industries among others, turn to ITC Infotech to drive technological innovation and growth in business.


Engineering Services

Meeting product specifications by incorporating features is not enough to stay competitive in today’s converged world. Companies need to be able to transform their product vision into successful innovative real world designs, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Organizations are operating in a world of evolving technologies, shorter product-life-spans, globally distributed teams and rising regulatory requirements. As companies grow, these challenges lead to rising costs, longer time-to-market and high rejection rates in quality checks. In order to retain the competitive edge, businesses must adopt solutions that enhance quality, quicken time-to-market and reduce cost.

ITC Infotech’s extended Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions allow the client to focus on product development, while managing all aspects of product evolution and service quality. Our extended PLM solutions are designed to provide increased visibility and performance through data integration, industry knowledge and business processes across enterprise accessibility. We implement PLM on a multi-generation business plan enabling the client to target high-impact business objectives to obtain quick returns on investment.


The global healthcare industry is rapidly transforming – from fee-for-volume to fee-for-value – and all players in the ecosystem need to quickly adapt to the new paradigm. Medical device manufacturers are faced with the uphill task of outpacing competitors by adopting connected engineering at scale to drive innovations, quickly and cost effectively.

Leading healthcare companies partner with ITC Infotech to digitally transform healthcare delivery, drive down insurance and medical costs, solve product sustenance challenges, improve safety and optimize overall expenses for healthcare.

Process Manufacturing

Balancing supply and demand ratios, optimizing resources and energy requirements, maximizing asset utilization and capex decisions – these are some pertinent challenges faced by the Process Manufacturing industry amidst increasing competition and shrinking margins.

Industry leaders across the globe rely on ITC Infotech for our sophisticated analytics driven digital solutions to address challenges and create a roadmap to be future-ready.

Industrial Manufacturing

Emerging technologies such as IoT, Robotics and 3D printing, coupled with product localization needs, are disrupting the Industrial Manufacturing industry. Increasing competitive pressures and globally distributed supply chains are posing further challenges in growth and profits.

Leading manufacturers’ partner with ITC Infotech to drive efficiencies across all aspects of the manufacturing value chain – from using digitaligence to fast track innovations in smart connected products, to specialized product engineering services across Supply Chain and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers, OEMs and the entire ecosystem is faced with complex challenges of rapidly evolving consumer demands, technology disruptions, changing regulations and expanding urbanization – savvy players are expanding their supply chains across global markets while utilizing emerging disruptive technologies to develop and deliver environment friendly, connected and intelligent products.

Leading industry players partner with ITC Infotech to get ready for the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0, the Digital Industry powered by the Internet of Things. ITC Infotech helps clients use technology not just for building greater cost efficiencies, but to fundamentally reimagine their business – and create innovative growth drivers – through services & solutions across the value chain, from integrated Product Lifecycle Management and Product Development solutions to support on mobility, connectivity and telemetry solutions.

Application Lifecycle Management

Introduction of transformational technologies has further pushed product development boundaries, making embedded systems and software an integral part of products – helping manufacturers introduce new product features and functionalities at greater pace. New product development paradigms demand efficient management of software development lifecycle management processes in collaborative product development environment in addition to traditional engineering practices and tools.

As products become increasingly complex, clients from across industries partner with ITC Infotech to master the interplay among elements of vastly different natures in an effort to delight customers with the latest technology and features. We deliver competitive advantage to our clients by implementing a pre-configured or customized Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution to enable an integrated product development platform which helps improve business process performance while reducing risks associated with product development.