Supply Chain Command Centre

For supply chains to transform from being a support function to playing a critical role in the organizations overall profitability, supply chain planning and operations will need to be powered by robust data management and intelligent analytics.

Consumer goods companies’ partner with ITC Infotech to not only amplify their everyday supply chain operations but also identify enhancements in existing process, by leveraging our automated solutions. We have driven transformation for clients across data management, analysis and process support, and performance management across demand planning, supply planning and inventory management.

Strategic Network Design

Persistent challenges in maintaining market share and leadership have prompted Consumer Goods companies to opt for unique network configurations to optimize their supply chain – one that offers lowest total cost of ownership, provides sourcing information, delivers intelligent analysis and maximizes profits by taking into consideration financial and operational risks.

Consumer goods majors leverage ITC Infotech’s Smart Network Design to execute operational sustainability, bring in cost-effectiveness and create business alignment. ITC Infotech applies digitaligence to strategic network design, improving their client’s financial performance through increased revenues, reduced costs and enhanced flexibility to respond to market dynamics.

Siebel AMS for Consumer Packaged Goods

Large consumer goods companies running mission critical operations on Oracle’s Siebel platform, leverage ITC Infotech’s Application Management and Support (AMS) services to gain better app performance, agility, control, availability and ongoing cost optimization.

Sales & Operations Planning

From low accuracy of demand forecasting, demand-supply gaps and lack of planning views in demand management to inventory build-up, lost sales and non-optimal production capacity in supply management – these recurrent challenges faced by consumer goods companies necessitates taking a fresh look at Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

Leading consumer goods companies consult with ITC Infotech to create effective S&OP – systematically designing mathematical and consensus-based demand plans by leveraging enterprise data and logic-based supply-production planning to meet demands.

Clients work with ITC Infotech to transform their organization’s planning ecosystem from an inward looking, hierarchy-centric delivery mechanism to a more outward looking, customer-centric system – moving from a push-based distribution system to an agile demand-driven distribution environment.

Retail CPG Collaboration

Shelf-centered collaboration between CPG firms and retailers – collaboration at a strategic business planning level – will enable both industries to better deliver on consumer expectations, creating a distinct competitive advantage in the age of the connected consumer.

Consumer goods companies consult with ITC Infotech to build consumer franchise through enhanced collaboration with retailers. Clients leverage ITC Infotech’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions ranging from category management, campaign management and inventory management, to demand management, customer and market analytics and master data management.

New Product Innovation

Changing consumer patterns have presented tremendous growth opportunities for Consumer Goods companies. However, the industry is facing multiple challenges like diminishing wallet share, mindshare and shelf space, reduced product lifecycle and changing regulatory guidelines. Addressing these challenges can hamper a company’s plans to develop new, winning products.

CPG companies partner with ITC Infotech to bring new products to market faster, cheaper and more efficiently. We help our clients with robust technology frameworks to accelerate new product development, optimize R&D expenses and enable quality and regulatory compliance along with 24×7 R&D support.

Field Force Mobility Solutions

To improve sales, Consumer Goods companies need to empower their field force with real-time data – enabling critical decision making and providing the ability to take appropriate actions faster.

Clients leverage ITC Infotech’s enterprise-class mobility framework to resolve a range of business challenges by pulling data from across the value chain – suppliers, retailers and teams across the enterprise.

AMS Shared Services for Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer goods companies are facing multiple challenges as they adapt to the Digital paradigm – with increased complexities in maintaining reliable and streamlined operations, while developing holistic visibility of disparate systems and applications. To ride the digital wave and word on strategic initiatives, consumer goods companies need support in migration, maintenance, re-engineering and testing – to improve performance and reduce system downtime

CPG CIOs partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our extensive experience and expertise across a broad range of application software technologies, tools and platforms to bring in enhanced cost efficiencies.

Social Analytics Dashboard using Big Data

Leveraging social analytics in claim servicing, policy administration and underwriting enables targeted selling. Social data mining has created a paradigm shift in the way the Insurance industry identifies customer needs and creates service offerings.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to gain insights from across social media channels, and work with us to integrate this information with their existing system to improve customer centricity.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics can help Insurers manage risk better, with powerful data backed insights.

Insurers partner with ITC Infotech to leverage sophisticated analytics to help create contextualized customer experiences and effectively manage risks.