Massive growth in various market-activity parameters, including cross-border trade settlements, new trading strategies, advanced derivatives products, etc., have added to the complexity of trade surveillance across jurisdictions. This has made investors more vulnerable and led to the emergence of rouge trades causing huge penalties for large players.

ITC Infotech offers a robust proprietary tool – iTradeMonitor – that enables real-time trade monitoring, alerts and automated report generation.

Financial Services Regulatory Compliance Framework

Financial and capital market players have to cope with newer regulations and frequent regulatory changes to meet standards and minimize negative impact on profitability. Enabling an automated compliance framework is the key to reducing turnaround time and making process cost-effective, accurate and efficient.

ITC Infotech’s robust regulatory compliance framework addresses all compliance and financial requirements efficiently. We also enable KYC (know-your-customer) compliance, offer US FRB regulatory reporting platform and BCBS 239 compliance framework to our clients.

Quality Assurance Accelerator

The absence of a centralized Testing COE leaves the testing landscape in a payer-provider scenario unorganized. With the health care sector and reform constantly evolving, IT programs need to upgrade core administration systems and redesign business processes periodically – emphasizing the need for centralized testing.

ITC Infotech provides efficient and reusable testing components that can manage diverse testing requirements across multiple asset classes, divisions and functional areas.

Nexus of Digital Health

With increased access to technology and medical information, the health care sector is undergoing a tectonic shift. Greater global demand for efficient health outcomes at reduced costs is forcing health insurance companies to transform their traditional business model. Digital health channels, though relatively new, promise improved care experience for patients and healthier clinical outcomes at lower total cost of care.

ITC Infotech’s enhanced cloud and mobile technologies provide faster and better access to data and health care systems – improving overall health care.

Connected Health – an IoT Solution

Connected and intelligent devices have opened up a plethora of opportunities to drastically transform Health care. A digitized health care experience can be delivered seamlessly by building a robust end-to-end IT ecosystem.

ITC Infotech’s IoT-driven Connected Health (cHealth) enables remote monitoring of a patient’s health and environment cost effectively. Data obtained from devices like health wearable are easy to share across system, making health care quick and responsive.

Integrated Self Service Portals

In an increasingly competitive and commoditized health insurance industry, customer experience will be the key differentiation – providing a competitive advantage to industry players.

Health insurers partner with ITC Infotech, to deliver meaningful, lasting and differentiated customer experiences by leveraging integrated self-service portal solutions to provide mobility and personalized transactions.

Integrated solutions for Printing & Packaging industry

To succeed in the Digital age, printing and packaging firms need to significantly enhance process efficiencies and distribution capabilities, while optimizing costs.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to lower lead times and increase performance with our innovative and integrated industry specific enterprise solution. Based on an SAP platform, our solutions help printing and packaging business reduce cost overheads significantly on services like delivery and transportation, packaging, barcode traceability inventory management and raw material management.

SAP for Mill Products – In a Box

Clients across mill industries partner with ITC Infotech to create an efficient supply chain, optimize plant & asset operations, and enhance customer retention. Our Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) on SAP for Mill Products and our ‘SAP IS Mill in a Box’ solutions enable our clients gain faster time to value.

SAP Chemicals Template

Increasing customer expectations, rising energy and resource costs, mismatch between supply and demand, complex business processes for introducing new products, sustainability concerns and changing regulatory requirements are some of the top challenges Chemical manufacturers face today.

Chemical companies partner with ITC Infotech to achieve high value rapidly – operational flexible, streamlined supply chains and the ability to introduce new products faster.

Integrated Trade Promotion Management

Trade promotions management is the second largest cost item incurred by large consumer goods companies. Building greater intelligence and predictability in Trade promotions has far reaching impact – helping generate higher revenues and improved customer experience.

Leading consumer goods companies’ partner with ITC Infotech to enhance efficiency of their trade promotion initiatives, and leverage our sophisticated analytics to ensure their trade spends yield results.