Guest Services (PatrOne)

With increasingly demanding and discerning customers, the hospitality industry is faced with the uphill task of delivering exceptional customer experiences across channels in the face of increasing competition from new entrants.

Leading hospitality companies are partnering with ITC Infotech to better understand their guests by anticipating the needs of guests at each level of their service. ITC Infotech’s PatrOne solution facilitates hospitality associates to deliver precise and swift service to hotel guests.

Most hotels store large amounts of data – such as guest preferences and history in property management systems. Our PatrOne solution leverages this generally underutilized data to drastically improve the guest experience factor by enabling dynamic interactions and predictive service between hotel and guests. This ‘all under one roof’ app enables patrons to access a range of services found in the hotel unit alongside information on their loyalty program.

Through our solution, hotels are able to leverage the tremendous potential of advanced technologies – like RFID, Wi-Fi, location-based system (LBS) and mobility – interfaced and integrated with enterprise systems like PMS, BMS, ERP and CRM, to deliver higher level of customer satisfaction while automating the hotel’s operations.

Shop Floor Track Solutions

Global manufacturers have invested heavily in shop-floor systems such as MES and SCADA, along with multiple bespoke shop-floor systems for better plant monitoring and improved operational efficiency. These systems capture a whole host of plant level information – but lack the computing capability to analyze data, and publish visual reports which can help in real-time informed decision making.

Global manufacturers partner with ITC Infotech to bridge this gap. Our integrated Shop Floor Track solution helps with root cause identification & analysis, enabling in-time corrective actions – resulting improved operational KPIs and optimum asset and resource utilization.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturers are constantly faced with conflicting demand and supply pressures across geographically spread plants – synchronization between and within plants, across supply chains and the enterprises can improve productivity.

Global manufacturers partner with ITC Infotech to create end-to-end smart integration across their operations through a cutting-edge Manufacturing Execution System (MES). We help clients integrate manufacturing units across geographies, exchange manufacturing operation management (MOM) details and capture data across supply chains – enabling real-time execution solutions for production, logistics and warehousing, quality control and assurance, time and labor management, along with maintenance, containment and spill management.

Asset Management (Avaluet)

Asset management is a top priority for growing organizations. As organizations grow in size and complexity, while expanding operations across the globe, there is a need to gain greater control and visibility of people, assets and location.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech for optimum utilization of resources and improved productivity. We work with clients to deliver agility and flexibility through our Asset Management solution – Avaluet.

Our solution is designed to deliver easy asset management through mobile access, resource independence and analytical insights – effectively meeting the challenges of enterprise asset visibility using different technologies like RFID, barcode and mobility, while simultaneously integrating with enterprise systems for real-time data exchange.

Automated Warehousing (AutoWARP)

Warehouse and supply chains are prone to inefficiencies, arising from human errors and mismanaged warehouse space, along with product identification and location issues during shipping. Such issues routinely result in business losses – revenue and reputation.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to improve process efficiencies, productivity and profitability. ITC Infotech’s Automated Warehouse Processes solution, Auto-WARP, simplifies transport, storage and inventory management of pallets. It aids effective and speedy management of inventory while maintaining high levels of data collection accuracy. Mobility integration provides real-time updates while the ability to integrate with organization-wide ERP and CMS systems helps maintain consistent records.

Mobile Assistance (AtiBodh)

Shopping as an experience is increasingly being influenced by smartphones, as customers explore a whole host of online options to fulfill their requirements.

Leading retailers partner with ITC Infotech to offer an engaging customer platform that provides a seamless and converged shopping experience. Atibodh from ITC Infotech empowers end customers with an intelligent mobile assistant to facilitate an enhanced shopping experience. The solution harnesses technical innovations in the mobility ecosystem to provide an evolved experience for both the shoppers and the retailers — integrating the online and in-store experiences, making it simple and convenient, while also enabling retailers to gain insights about their customers and execute targeted marketing initiatives.

Service and Parts Information Solution

OEMs need shorter product cycles and more complex products to meet changing customer-needs. Our clients understand the value of accurate service information and the impact it has on revenue and performance.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to circumvent expensive manual updates in the publishing process with the right information being shared through a robust single service platform solution.

Spare Parts Management and Pricing Solutions

In addition to product features, quality and reliability, cost of owning a product is also a major factor in a product purchase cycle. OEMs need to derive optimal price points for every service part in their portfolio, while increasing focus on aftermarkets, without compromising on profit margins and revenues. OEMs need to arrive at the optimal price point to secure their customer base and fight off competition from the non-authorized sector.

Leading OEMs partner with ITC Infotech to holistically address challenges arising from rapidly transforming supply chains by leveraging insightful analytics for better decision making on spare parts management and pricing.


Increasing pressure on bringing in cost-effectiveness across processes is prompting capital market players to leverage Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol messaging standard to support real-time electronic exchange of security transactions. This allows lowering of trading costs, wider scope of services and more liquidity – expanding investment opportunities. With the adoption of FIX, capital market players can reduce the latency of transactions through Smart Order Routing.

Global capital market players’ partner with ITC Infotech to implement and maintain FIX processors – our deep domain expertise and a cloud-based test environment with automated buy and sell side test simulators, delivers a holistic solution to address liquidity and flexibility requirements.

Risk Visualization Dashboard

In addition to looking for fresh opportunities for their clients, investment managers also have an uphill task of assessing and communicating operational risks. With predictive analytics and data visualization tools, risks can be managed optimally – the key driving factors in risk management endeavors are regulatory compliance, managing reputational risk and optimizing operational initiatives.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech for risk visualization dashboards that enables comprehensive risk visualization. ITC Infotech combines big data with sentiment analysis to present a holistic picture for managers to act upon. Our rich experience in the TCM domain, strong understanding of market risks, credit risks, liquidity risk management, Expected Default Frequency (EDF) and compliance enables us to deliver sustained value to clients.