Digital Banking Platform

Recent digital gravitation in the banking industry is threatening the historically-stable traditional channels – a trend reflected in the challenges facing many high street banks.

Digital service offerings have become the norm in the mobile-first, customer-first dynamic. Cloud orchestration of basic end-to-end delivery processes is the imminent need for banks to maximize the value of existing infrastructure investments, harness the efficiencies of digital processes and leverage the potential of cloud.

Digital Customer Experience

Digital channels are fast becoming a prominent source of customer acquisition as customers move away from branches to more convenient methods of banking. Customer centricity is fast becoming a core enterprise theme for a range of banking organizations encompassing everything from customer loyalty to advocacy and experience.

Data Modernization Solution

The explosive growth of digital data has opened up new avenues for growth – actionable insights from varied information sources can be analyzed using sophisticated algorithms & analytics to create a clear, sustained competitive advantage. The key lies in processing data better, faster and cheaper.

Banks today have amassed a wealth of data from which they can create personalized services and construct contextualized experiences for their customers. However, combining internal information sources with external data flows remains a challenge for most banks.

Style Performance Analytics

The world of fashion is dynamic – Industry players are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their customers engaged. The vagaries of fashion in the age of the connected, always-on customer, threatens to erode market share and competitive advantage.

Leading Fashion houses & retailers partner with ITC Infotech to reach ambitious growth targets, in an increasingly complex and competitive market. Clients at the intersection of fashion, business & technology use ITC Infotech’s Style Performance Analytics (SPA) solution to integrate latest technologies across their value chain and create innovative, winning products.

Partner Collaboration

Trade collaborations have existed for as long as the industry itself – the rise of the digital consumer has however revealed yawning gaps in effective collaboration. In the age of omni-channel consumerism, retailers need to guarantee products are available at the right time, through the right channel and at the right price.

Retailers partner with ITC Infotech to effectively bridge this gap – and have realized measurable results – an assured 10-15% impact on top-line, 40% faster new-product rollouts and an 8% on-shelf availability.

ITC Infotech delivers a unified commerce and collaboration platform combining the best of B2C and B2B UX practices – delivering a world-class B2B commerce experience online.

Partner Data Manager

Leading global companies across industries work with ITC Infotech for large scale data management and data integration requirements – to improve their ability to isolate insights and streamline global operations. Our productized solution is configurable based on an organization’s unique requirements and offers a ready-made, low maintenance and flexible product, built on technology by Informatica.

Clients use ITC Infotech’s Partner Data Manager (PDM) solution to efficiently handle large volumes of partner data exchange between partners and their Oracle Siebel Loyalty applications. The solution also extends as an ‘any file exchange’ product for multiple industries such as insurance, hospitality and finance, in line with data-lineage related compliance requirements. The prepackaged solution helps save time and costs in development, integration and testing, employing ready-made templates for integrating industry standard loyalty partner data.

Customer Value Management

The ability to view a customer as a single entity often poses a challenge for most enterprises, given the multi-channel access modes available. Consolidation of fragmented customer data (and consequently insights) across multiple channels is critical to knowing who the customer is – and ensuring the most profitable customers stay loyal.

Loyal customers are both scarce and valuable resource. In an economy where product sales and marketing campaigns are becoming transient, customer experience is the next frontier in creating a sustained competitive advantage.

ITC Infotech’s Customer Value Management (CVM) framework is a closed loop process that enhances knowledge about customers through sophisticated analytics. Leading global retailers leverage our effective CVM methodology of communication to improve customer perceptions, deliver contextualized & personalized experience, and ensure profitability growth.

Oracle Airline Data Model – OADM

Leading airlines using Oracle technologies partner with ITC Infotech to get strategic insights from a cost effective consolidated data hub – Oracle Airline Data Model (OADM). Our OADM solutions offers extensive data modeling based on best practices for airlines, with comprehensive coverage of all aspects of airline business intelligence.

ITC Infotech effectively combines world-class database and BI technology solutions with the powerful capabilities of Oracle Exadata and OADM, to provide clients with an effective operational data store and data warehouse.

Resource Monitoring (Sky-Eye)

Businesses suffer due to the lack of a solution that strategizes resource management, wherein maximizing productivity and reducing wastage are important growth drivers.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to create an intelligent system capable of fleet tracking and route management – with dashboard analytics for enhanced decision making capabilities. With our Sky-Eye solution, clients get a better perspective of their business and the ability to rectify regularly reported issues that hold back company growth. Sky-Eye helps drive efficiencies by deploying industry-leading mobile and web technologies with GPS tracking and mobility for both people and vehicle-tracking requirements.

Container Management (RadioLocus)

Profitability is directly linked to efficient loading and offloading of container ships. The requirement and necessity of tracking containers might seem huge, but statistics show just 2% of containers globally are tracked and monitored.

Shipping and freight management companies partner with ITC Infotech to increase efficiency by implementing our container-tracking and management solution – RadioLocus. By leveraging advancements in wireless sensing and RFID technologies, we have created a comprehensive tracking and monitoring solution for transporting containers and its contents.

Clients have streamlined and optimized the business operations by adopting our RadioLocus solution, resulting in increased profits, through faster and efficient shipping processes.