Consulting & Architectural Services

Clients partner with ITC Infotech for end-to-end data services from conceptualizing, defining, designing, monitoring through to continuous value delivery.

UI/UX Design & Development

With the ‘Consumerization of IT’ enterprise IT teams are faced with the increasingly uphill task of delivering seamless, unique and intuitive digital experiences to consumers and employees.

Clients from across industries partner with ITC Infotech to plan their user experience and create winning, innovative user interfaces. Our Digital Design Studio, powered by a dedicated team of design professionals, has created design solutions across multiple domains and industries – delivering on our passion for user-centered design.

Enterprise Application Integration & SOA

Enterprise applications are crucial to the operations of organizations in today’s digital age. However, optimum performance of enterprise applications requires essential links between applications, platforms, business processes and data sources.

Leading global companies partner with ITC Infotech to advance their enterprise application integration (EAI) and service oriented architecture (SOA) capabilities and gain accessibility, agility, efficiency, analytics and value. Our API Management Solutions helps clients collaborate and innovate seamlessly – anytime, anywhere and across devices and stakeholders – customers, partners and vendors.

Application Upgrade

Traditionally, companies have relied on application modernization to optimize recurring costs stemming from outdated technologies. To be efficient and effective in the digital age, companies need to now adopt platforms for the new, social, mobile enterprise.

Leading Industry players partner with ITC Infotech to revamp and replace their enterprise software assets – our comprehensive application migration, upgrade and modernization services generate measurable value from existing applications by leveraging advancements in technology to make existing applications future readying overall business context.

Application Roll-Out

To stay competitive in the new dynamic, organizations are moving enterprise applications on the cloud and integrating mobility – transforming their IT landscape in the process. Pre internet-era traditional technology rollout processes do not work in the new dynamic.

Clients leverage ITC Infotech’s new-gen application roll-out strategy, built around generating value. Our team of experts are developing and implementing applications – delivering large scale global roll-outs, on-time and with minimum business disruptions.


E-Commerce has grown at a rapid pace, globally – emerging markets are now witnessing an increased uptake in e-Commerce sales, while some developed nations are faced with staggered growth. In a challenging market, e-Commerce sites need to remain competitive by offering aggressive price points at scale, while creating innovate approaches to convert visitors into customers.

Leading e-Commerce leaders partner with ITC Infotech to create a secure and scalable platform, manage systems seamlessly and build deep insights about end-customers. We help clients understand their customers and accordingly re-engineer their systems to put the customer first.

From e-Commerce implementations, re-platforming and upgrades to strategy consulting, business operations optimization and support – ITC Infotech offers a full-range of services and tools to enhance e-Commerce operations.

Consulting & Value Road Map

Around 30-40% of the program cost and effort is spent towards organizing and documenting the business requirements and aligning it with the strategic IT road map of the organization.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to achieve success in extended PLM implementation programs – by aligning the application package with the company’s business objectives.


The extended product development environment does not exist in isolation but has to interact with other upstream and downstream enterprise systems.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to consolidate product information across the enterprise through a seamless integration between PLM and ERP systems. We have worked with clients to integrate their product development ecosystems in a progressive manner starting with CAD, ERP, MES and moving on to other systems like QMS, CRM and SCM.

Infrastructure Services

The business’ IT infrastructure is a critical enabler for realizing value from extended PLM implementations.

Product development companies partner with ITC Infotech to create a cost-efficient, highly flexible and scalable infrastructure – essential for faster response to market requirements, improved productivity and high performance of PLM, ALM and SLM applications.