Capital Markets

Capital Market firms are faced with increasing market volatility and a dynamic regulatory environment, with regulators increasingly focusing on a reform agenda. These reforms call for a proactive approach to capital and risk management, a transformed operating model and cultural realignment – all of which can be addressed by leveraging innovative technology.

Investment management firms consult with ITC Infotech for effective updates on the ever evolving IT landscape and how technology interventions can help in cost optimization, address market transformation and accounting changes.

Banking & Corporate Treasury Services

The unpredictable economic climate and ever-changing regulatory landscape calls for dynamic treasury transformation. Financial institutions need to repatriate cash and manage foreign exchange (FX) volatility. Robust governance and risk management, compliance with new regulatory guidelines, reduced cost of funding, deleveraging balance sheets and maximizing capital efficiency are some of the KPIs for financial institutions.

Leading Banking & Corporate Treasury houses partner with ITC Infotech to facilitate efficient and streamlined operations through reliable and consistent data, increase ROI by portfolio optimization, adhere to regulations with strong analytics and reduce TCO with proper collateral management.