Straight Through Processing

The volume and frequency of transactions made by trading organization in exchanges have increased significantly, fueled by the trend to use exchanges as a means of hedging and speculating. Given that large number of contracts traded daily, a robust STP (straight-through processing) tool can eliminate operational issues by connecting CTRM/ETRM systems to exchanges and updating information in real time.

Rule Processor Engine

Owing to different rules in calculating realized and unrealized positions, Trading houses find it difficult to correlate numbers from CTRM systems with their own views on calculations and risks. Off-the-shelf trading and risk management systems mostly offer a standardized status for all transactions. Trading houses often have different views on their exposures, making the role of a rule processor engine critical.

ITC Infotech’s proven rule processor engine complies with the dynamic realization rules of different commodity trading organization, by adding new realization status while modifying existing ones.

Reconciliation Tool

Dynamic regulatory requirements mandate synchronization and verification of data when trading companies contract with each other.

As a niche partner to commodity trading companies, ITC Infotech provides reconciliation solutions which enables enterprises synchronize and verify data provided from any system – with alerts on inconsistencies and outputs in formats which regulators demand.

Process Automator

Traditional Commodity Trading systems have lacked maturity in anticipating and addressing critical industry requirements. Summary snapshots of daily positions and risks, made available at the right time, can help trading companies work better and work differently.

A robust process automation tool, to aid middle and back-office teams tackle challenges faced while obtaining and loading daily snapshots, will help avoid incorrect reporting and regulatory non-compliance.

Data Replicator

CTRM systems generate large amounts of data which needs to be extracted, compiled and moved to other systems – when there is a need for an organization to replace, upgrade or custom develop new functionalities in existing CTRM applications. Inefficient migration of data and systems can cause the organization to miss out on contractual and transaction data or historical and current market information, which can impact on the organization’s revenue negatively.

Mobility Solutions

Mobile computing has been a challenge area for the highly regulated Trading environment – executing trade outside the trading floor might even be prohibited in some cases. However, access to information and insights is critical for traders and management team members in order to better monitor the business and take decisions in time.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to leverage mobility solutions that guarantee access to information and has the ability to perform operations, on-the-go.

PL Analyzer

Dynamic shifts in supply and demand increases price volatility of commodities, leading to complexities in risk management – impacting margins.

Trading companies partner with ITC Infotech to mitigate this risk. Built on the strengths of market-tuned and time-improved algorithms, ITC Infotech’s PL Analyzer enhances risk management capabilities – with stop-loss limit notifications and forecasting tools ensuring stability.

Easy Scheduler

Businesses with exposure to the commodity markets rely heavily on data for efficient business operations. Manually updating information can threaten the accuracy and speed at which information is made available to organization stakeholders. Modifying existing commodity trading systems to accommodate real-time flow of information can be cost prohibitive.

Clients leverage ITC Infotech’s Easy Scheduler solution to gain seamless access to accurate data in real-time – enabling their traders to earn higher profits from trade decisions based on insightful data. ITC Infotech’s solution also allows data to be updated directly into CTRM systems in order to reduce the layers through which information is passed down. The Easy Scheduler is effective in standardizing an organization’s off-the-shelf commodity trading system.

Risk Dashboard

CTRM systems have historically faced criticism for their inability to generate insightful reports. Availability of business intelligence tools and interactive dashboards have been cited as critical issues faced by commodity trading firms.

ITC Infotech’s efficient visual report generating engines, along with customizable dashboards, graphically represent a wide variety of reports and data. With real-time graphical representation of the key performance indicators including P&L, VaR, etc. commodity trading organizations gain a 360° view of risks. Deployment tools like Tableau and Qlikview enable enhanced visualizations and resolve problems at a much cheaper cost.

Integration Gateway

An increasingly globalized economy is leading to a spate of mergers and acquisitions in the CTRM industry. Consolidating and integrating disparate CTRM and ERP systems is becoming an increasingly complex task.

Trading companies choose ITC Infotech’s Integration Gateway to help with CRTM and ERP system integration – allowing flawless risk analytics in real time and increasing productivity at reduced costs by eliminating the need for multiple data entry across systems.