Codebase Management

Purchasing source codes for CTRM application is crucial for a trading organization given its importance in the current economic and technological environment. Managing a codebase, however, involves complex processes, and inefficiencies in handling a growing codebase can lead to significant cost overruns.

Core Banking Surround Services

Financial institutions running pre-internet era legacy banking systems and platforms, modified over time to meet pressing requirements, need to transform.  However, such transformational initiatives can be extremely challenging, with high expenditure and opportunity costs.

Banks partner with ITC Infotech in their legacy transformation journey which makes ITC Infotech’s Core Banking Surround Services (CBSS) a vital package for banks.

Given its scale and organization-wide impact, CBSS requires extremely skilled management during this transformation process. A bank’s internal IT department is best suited to manage such transformation and ITC Infotech works closely with their internal teams to help them with core processes like testing, application integration and data migration.

Investment Management

With the implementation of scenario-based planning, advisor migration towards independent channels, harmonization of cross-country operating model and DIY tools driving investments, investment management firms are in the midst of a massive transformation.

Investment management firms partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our proven expertise on maximizing value delivery from Investment Portfolio & Risk Management software, such as FusionInvest – for effective portfolio management.

Core Platform Surround Services

As the health care industry continues to transform, managing change is becoming more complex. Companies need to streamline member enrollment and accelerate claims-processing. This is leading to automation, electronic enrollment, rule-driven product configuration and auto-adjudication of claims by many health insurance core admin platforms available in the market.

ITC Infotech’s Center of Competency (CoC) across traditional as well as next generation core admin platforms like Facets, QNXT and HealthRules, coupled with in-depth expertise in payer business processes, enable us to offer cost-effective and quality services across application development, maintenance, configuration, testing and BPO.