Health Tech

The Healthcare industry is seeing rapid advancements in technology to deliver better healthcare, cheaper and faster.

Leading Helathcare majors partner with ITC Infotech to enable predictive diagnostics and better care management. ITC Infotech also works with Healthcare equipment manufacturers to enhance product designs with robotics and IoT.

We leverage digitaligence to harness technology and data, to help our clients reimagine the way in which care is consumed, managed and paid for.


Smart machines will connect multiple things into what is evolving as a Digital Mesh – delivering a continuous digital experience – forming a dynamic and intelligent network to reshape ambient experiences.

Leading IoT platforms and technology majors are partnering with ITC Infotech on product engineering to create intelligent devices, powered by IoT, advanced analytics and machine learning.

Commodity Trading and Risk Management

Hyper volatility, increasing market complexity and changing regulatory compliance is the norm in Commodity Trading.

Leading trading companies partner with ITC Infotech to manage uncertainties amidst increasing complexities – to build a robust digital risk management system with trade process automation and superior business processes.

General Insurance

In a highly regularized and commoditized market, Insurers are increasingly turning to customer experience to create a sustained competitive advantage. With digital disruptions reshaping the industry, insurers have to reinvent marketing strategies, optimize aspects of customer-centricity and grow into tech-savvy providers to become more intuitive, interactive and informational.

Leading Insurance players partner with ITC Infotech to standardize their data and processes and drive operational efficiencies – creating the ability to leverage sophisticated analytics to accurately predict outcomes. Our digital solutions help insurers put customers at the center of their business, get products to market faster and improve operational efficiency while optimizing costs – a winning strategy in the new digital dynamic.

Health Insurance

Consumerization is leading to more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. As the health insurance industry transforms to adopt to the digital paradigm, accountability for the quality and cost of care delivered undergoes greater scrutiny. Powered by advanced analytics and predictive models, the Health Insurance sector is seeing newer models evolving for care and payments.

Health Insurance providers partner with ITC Infotech to win in the Digital era – reinventing the way they interact with end users, making customer centricity a core theme across the organization.


In the era of Digital Banking, customer expectations for banking services are getting redefined with digital disruptors disintermediating the market – creating a new competitive dynamic.

In the pursuit of becoming digital banking leaders, banks are now looking into precious customer data to provide differentiated and customized services. Becoming increasingly data driven will also enable banks to understand the consumers’ buying behavior, move beyond single transaction relationships and provide contextual services that exceed expectations.

Leading banks partner with ITC Infotech to transform their operations with compelling digital banking services and solutions – powered by actionable data driven insights.