Siebel Open UI Innovation Lab

Empowering and accelerating businesses in the digital age requires seamless access to information across platforms and devices. Oracle’s Siebel Open UI, a standard-based open client, is a powerful framework to meet these demands,  especially from the point of view of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Clients across industries running mission critical operations on Oracle’s Siebel platform, partner with ITC Infotech to realize the potential of Open UI across their organization. As Oracle’s first co-innovation partner for Open UI, ITC Infotech has developed multiple POCs and solutions and also provides robust support, upgrade and migration services.

Retail Execution

Effective retail execution is critical in shaping winning shelf strategies – it requires enabling field representative in executing trade marketing activities (e.g. retail audits, surveys, assessments, etc.) and tagging executed trade marketing activities to quickly assess execution effecacy and compliance.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our retail execution solution which effectively translates planned marketing objectives into execution through the efficient integration of the back-end sales, marketing systems and the field representative’s handheld devices – driving success rates for promotion execution and compliance monitoring that are critical for settlements.

Responsys & Siebel Integration – RASI

Delivering personalized, contextualized and seamless customer experiences across channels will help companies across industries create a clear, sustained competitive advantage. However, personalization at scale can be an uphill task, requiring tremendous effort and expertise to integrate enterprise CRM with new-gen digital marketing automation tools.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to execute actions that direct inbound engagements and deliver a highly personalized customer experience – made possible by our Responsys and Siebel Integration (RASI) cloud connector.

Eloqua & Siebel Integration – EASI

Intelligent integration between highly flexible and powerful Marketing Automation and Marketing Cloud software can have a far reaching impact on marketing campaign effectiveness – integrating Oracle Siebel Marketing and Eloqua (now known as Oracle B2B Cross-Channel Marketing), part of Oracle Marketing Cloud Service can help augment and extend capabilities in marketing across digital channels.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to integrate and automate their marketing initiatives through our Eloqua & Siebel Integration (EASI) cloud connector- enabling a single, integrated and highly customized customer experience lifecycle, creating a simplified and effective processes driving engagement and ROI.

Digital Transformation in Media

The formula to success in the technology & media space is evolving radically to become a productive information service provider. Businesses must address challenges of audience segmentation, targeted advertising, content recommendation and social sentiment aggregation, before creating a community of active users sharing common interests, experiences and ideas that align with brand values, to ensure increased customer recall.

In such a critical, fast-paced, digitally-equipped environment, Tech & Media majors are turning to ITC Infotech to leverage a metric-driven framework across omni-channel user touch-points that will transform their businesses.

Development Testing & Operating

In a business environment driven by digital forces, disruption, and rapid-fire innovation, globalization is steering borderless growth across established and emerging markets. Customers are demanding evolved systems of engagement that are personalized, contextual, and custom-made for individual usability and utility.

To thrive in the new dynamic, software vendors and enterprise business units are partnering with ITC Infotech to drive IP-led services of web-scale architecture, governance and accelerator frameworks to enhance omni-channel digital performance and personalization.

Data Engineering

IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data have propelled technology to the cusp of another innovation transition. Internet-scale products and platforms consecutively must incorporate a deep learning into data engineering services to increase monetization capabilities of data across user segments.

Leaders in the Technology & Media industry are leveraging ITC Infotech’s technologies such as the real-time bit-stream analysis and metadata-driven analytics to drive customer success management, deep learning, rules engines for machine data, and supply chain economies.

Contextualized Customer Experience

In a mobile-first dynamic, the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and connected TVs have transformed media consumption patterns – every savvy consumer demands contextualized content across devices.

Media and Technology majors partner with ITC Infotech to implement and extend enterprise cloud solutions across marketing, sales and service functions to drive revenue, increase retention, scale operations and enrich the customer journey.

Supply Chain Network Optimization

A more connected, stable, intelligent, agile and scalable supply chain network will help retailers counter intense competitive pressures and market dynamics. To fully leverage the potential of Digital technologies, Retailers need to create digital supply chains through intricate network designs.

Retailers’ partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our powerful modeling approach to Supply Chain Network Optimization. We incorporate concise, goal-based metrics to improve end-to-end supply chain costs – including purchase, production, warehousing, inventory and transportation.

Digital Document Management (FinDoc)

Digital documents are key assets in the new technology dynamic, allowing quicker and easier access and locating of important files and documents that drive greater efficiencies. Security is a prime concern, and it’s imperative that confidential documents are secured and monitored.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to create a secure and automated system to overcome limitations of manual document management systems. By automating and simplifying the filing system, ITC Infotech’s FinDoc solution provides an effective mechanism to manage documents and files with smart use of technologies such as RFID, mobility and barcode with built-in confidentiality features.