Super User Support

CTRM product and platform providers regularly issue system updates and introduce new functionalities. Though support for ongoing maintenance, patches and upgrades are covered under maintenance contracts, these engagements tend to be reactive and after-the-fact.

The role of super users is key to post-implementation and ongoing success of any CTRM system – Super users form the front line interface between business, users and IT organizations. Trading houses partner with ITC Infotech for support of their super users to ensure optimum system utilization and value realization.

Documentation and Training

CTRM product implementations require extensive documentation – covering existing processes, futuristic scenarios, system’s usage details and test case reports. In most cases, documentation created during implementations are the only product reference that an organization can offer to existing and new users. Inefficiencies in documenting implementations often lead to oversights in details crucial for better usage of products.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to create extensive documentation of business processes employed by the organization to develop end-to-end visibility of project management lifecycle (PMLC) and software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Upgrade and Migration Support

Trading houses invest heavily in upgrades and migration to new systems to access new, more robust and responsive functionalities and features, in a bid to improve operations. Product vendors also constantly upgrade their solutions to keep up with developments in the dynamic commodities-trading business.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech for migration and upgrade services to ensure a structured approach to the project, with predictable results and faster time-to-value.

Business Process as a Service

In a changing dynamic economic environment, commodity trading organizations generate large volumes of data on trading and associated activities – maintaining this information in a CTRM system becomes an increasingly complex task.

Covering various processes such as creating master data, managing contracts, sending and receiving contractual data or generating management and end-user reports, can increase the workload – impacting the accuracy and efficiency in data entry.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Complex interconnectivity between global markets and technology disruptions call for a constantly updated CTRM system. New features must be mapped into CTRM systems and made available to end users quickly, to add value to the trade cycle. However, extensive system modifications require specialized expertise and can be labor, time and cost intensive.

Quality Assurance Testing

Product companies provide regular updates for CTRM system to keep up with changing marketing dynamics. While these updates are published along with bug fixes, it important to check for any modifications in existing system functionalities post implementation.

ITC Infotech’s systematic end-to-end testing services balances speed and coverage, enabling efficient and effective testing.

Implementation Support

Implementing a CTRM system is a challenging task – complicated further by the need to effectively integrate requirements of different business processes and departments. A CTRM system implementation is a significant investment. A failed or less-than-optimum implementation can have far reaching implications across business functions.

Leading trading houses partner with ITC Infotech for CTRM implementations – to leverage our knowledge of challenges organizations face during and post large scale implementations and our ability to address these challenges proactively and cost effectively.

Bespoke Development

Each trading firm has its own unique business processes – those that help the company differentiate and create a competitive advantage. Off-the-shelf CTRM systems might not adequately address these unique requirements without compromising on process salience. Customizations which are robust, scalable and extensible help incorporate unique business processes – enabling trading houses retain their competitive edge.

ITC Infotech understands the needs of a trading organization and offers custom development on CTRM systems that can enhance existing processes cost effectively.

Vendor Evaluation

Determining the efficiency of risk management policies is critical for a company engaged in intermediation and trading activity. Given the interconnectivity and volatility of markets and dynamic economic environment, risks are substantially higher – increasing the pressure on risk managers.

Identifying the right CTRM system from the existing multitude of systems can be challenging – with an exhaustive array of selection criteria and parameters to consider, including cost analysis, budget constraints, risk coverage, customization, size and price.

Trading houses work with ITC Infotech to identify the best suited system for their unique business priorities. Our experts consult with clients to draw a blueprint of the ideal scenario, factoring in size, scope and various other parameters of the desired CTRM system.

ERP Integration

Commodity trading companies use highly customized CTRM and ERP systems, along with disparate systems for data exchange between systems – making it difficult for a standard interface to fetch organization-specific data. Since different systems retain unique data structures, other systems cannot directly access data – leading to multiple data entry instances for the same data.

Integrating ERP systems with CTRM systems allows organizations to monitor and manage all financial transactions as well as manufacturing activities.