Digital Platforms

Customer centricity is a key competitive advantage in today’s digital world – companies need to monetize intelligence accrued from data to win in this new dynamic. This requires a comprehensive transformation by shifting to digital platforms and creating capabilities to harvest game changing insights.

Leading product engineering companies partner with ITC Infotech on new age digital technologies and engineering models, essential for global R&D networks, powered by our analytic data processing infrastructure and automation to create more innovative and customer-centric products, faster.

Treasury & Capital Markets

In the face of constant market volatility, changing regulatory compliance and increasing client pressure, capital markets are faced with the challenge of transforming their operations to prepare for the future of investing.

Treasury & Capital Markets (TCM) leaders partner with ITC Infotech to build mature operations, and enable easy access to information. CFOs are banking on ITC Infotech to get a 360° view across all functions, managing a wide range of treasury and securities products in multiple currencies, and managing multiple treasury and trading units across regions.

Service Lifecycle Management

Aftermarket services contribute to almost 40-80% of profits, emphasizing the importance of linking service information with products. In service organizations, working divisively in silos creates gaps in service processes leading to delays, directly impacting profits.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to create an integrated service platform to transform from product-centric to service oriented business activities. We help clients integrate and synchronize their service functions by consolidating to an integrated service lifecycle management platform. Enabled by a closed loop feedback mechanism, we provide further opportunities to improve product design and manufacturing process operations.

PLM for Retail and Consumer Goods

Retailers and Consumer Goods manufacturers are looking for greater innovations in three key areas – designing, manufacturing and costing – in order to maintain their competitive advantage. The industry is also faced with rising input costs of raw material, labor and integration of a complex global supply chains that is constantly pushing prices upwards.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to effectively meet consumers demand for better products, at the right price, across channels. We help clients with supply chain visibility, flexibility, accuracy and control within their processes – enabling accelerated innovation and development of winning products.

PLM for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry worldwide is witnessing change constantly and drastic transformations. The most recent development is the new wave of industrial automation technologies. OEMs are being riddled with newer and tougher challenges in the new product development segment.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to address the challenges of constant cost pressures, shortening product lifecycles and increasing demand for complex products – leveraging our next-gen technologies in product development processes to deliver cutting-edge innovations.

At ITC Infotech, we help empower our client’s product development processes with leading PLM solutions – providing end-to-end capabilities across the discrete manufacturing product lifecycle – allowing businesses achieving product excellence while embracing the new industrial wave.

Industrial Manufacturing

The Industrial engineering services sector is getting increasingly competitive and volatile – with increasing pressure on companies to expand product portfolios, enhance service capability, optimize costs and meet changing regulatory compliance.

Leading global manufacturers are partnering with ITC Infotech for end to end art-to-part solutions in parts, system design, integrating design, development, validation and troubleshooting product ranges.


Oil & Gas, which is at the heart of the energy sector, is the driver of profitability for multiple industries. As exploration and extraction of conventional resources become difficult, commodity prices are expected to turn volatile. Companies need to maximize extraction value and reduce operational costs from the digital oil field by adopting smart engineering and intelligent data utilization.

Prominent Oil & Gas companies collaborate with ITC Infotech to analyze vast data across the entire hydrocarbon value chain and implement advanced technology services in the Oil & Gas industry delivering significant predictability to businesses.

Automotive Manufacturing

Fully autonomous vehicles are the future. Intelligent cars are quickly moving from drawing sheets to the streets – giving customers the first taste of relinquishing control of a vehicle. Automakers need to implement transformational technology addressing design challenges to meet performance goals in battery life and warranty, downsize engines and develop advanced combustion modes.

Automotive industry leaders are partnering with ITC Infotech to accelerate time taken from concept to product launch – through our end to end solutions from part and system design, interiors, exteriors, seating, Body in White (BIW) areas to design and development of various product lines.