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Mainframes are the de facto standards for business critical systems globally. According to industry statistics, of the Fortune 500 companies, 490 leverage CICS to process more than 30 billion transactions worth about $1 trillion, each and every day.

ITC InfoTech’s Mainframe Services operates across industries catering to their growth plans. Our services align with businesses and transcend smart development, maintenance, migration and integration of a host of client specific demands based on organizational requirements. The key aspect of our solutions is to ensure exponential rise in productivity while securing consistent interaction and alignment with various external entities, viz. clients, markets and other technological platforms.

With tools & methodologies, we can provide cost-effective consulting services and solutions to reduce IT overheads & software development & maintenance costs, leverage your existing IT staff by using our efficient knowledge management practices.

Mainframe CoE

Our Mainframe CoE currently focuses on IBM Mainframe Technology. At our Mainframe CoE, we build competencies, tools and assets aimed at enhancing knowledge management. We also offer accelerators for migration, integration, development and maintenance services, with productivity enhancement as the key goal. From the operations perspective, the Mainframe CoE focuses on People [capacity enhancement and capability development],Processes [tools and techniques for productivity enhancement and methodologies] and Solutions [prototypes, Proof of Concepts-PoCs, new service offerings and support on existing projects.

The CoE aims to bring together the right blend of business and IT expertise across the enterprise to ensure coalition of ideas and developing best in-class practices by identifying advancements in the technology and business process as per the requirement.

Mainframe Supported technologies:

  • Enterprise COBOL, VS COBOL, COBOL II, PL/1, Assembler, LE
  • Operational expertise with software from IBM, CA, BMC, etc.

IT Outsourcing

More organizations are using IT Outsourcing to enhance business performance rather than to just cut costs. A robust outsourcing model, comprehensive suite of differentiated solutions, and focus on excellence in execution, have provided ITC Infotech a leadership position in its chosen domains. We associate with our clients as IT partners and own the IT operations benefiting our customers to focus only on their core business.

Our key advantages are:

  • 100% CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001 compliant deliveries
  • 500 + Multi skilled Mainframe resources
  • Over 75% of developers certified in various mainframe technologies
  • Flexible Partnership Model
  • Client specific development model
  • Global Delivery Model
  • Provides a faster ROI typically in months
  • Ever-growing Optimization Knowledge Repository
  • Accelerators for migration, integration, development and maintenance services with productivity enhancement as the key goal
  • Immediate technical and people resource ramp-up and ramp-down capability
  • Rich expertise and process knowledge

Mainframe Technology - ITC Infotech

Our customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unique combination of world-class domain and technical capabilities
  • Enhanced value addition through Technology Partnerships and Alliances
  • Greater productivity and Quality
  • Outsourcing capability
  • Access to Multi skilled cross experienced team
  • Improving and enhancing existing SLA's
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