21, 2017

Indian enterprises leveraging the power of hybrid cloud

October 21, 2017 | VAR India

Indian enterprises leveraging the power of hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud is the way to go as Indian enterprises intensify their reliance on a hybrid Cloud setup, eyeing substantial cost savings and organisational benefits. Prasad Natu, Sr. Vice President – Infrastructure Services, ITC Infotech shares his insights on adoption of hybrid clouds at enterprises and the challenges faced in adopting the technology. Read More

October 20, 2017 | The Economic Times

‘5 ways to prepare for your ‘dream job’ interview

If you’re interviewing for your ‘dream job’, it implies you have a clarity of thought regarding your career aspirations, and that’s half the battle won. Make use of the interview as a golden opportunity to communicate this passion as well as ask deep and insightful questions that can set you apart as an ideal candidate for the role. Anand Talwar, CHRO, ITC Infotech shares his insights with ET on how to prepare to interview for your dream job. Read More

September 16, 2017 | Moneycontrol.com

1 day earlier, 8 weeks now: Why India Inc is getting serious about paternity leaves

Compared to a mindset that bringing up a child is only a woman’s job, both individuals as well as organisations have realised that it is the joint responsibility of both the father and mother. Anand Talwar, CHRO, ITC Infotech said that Paternity leave is very important and useful for any new father and the company offer five days of paternity leave, spread across one year from the date of child birth . Read More

July 03, 2017 | Your Story

Can startups give IT majors, business managers the boost they need to adopt big data?

Debasish Chatterjee of the global data office at ITC Infotech is hard at work to spearhead his organization into a data revolution. His team is building an AI-based recommendation engine for a global retailer to improve business outcomes by figuring out the best way to optimise store assortment, trade spends, margins and credit planning.

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March 08, 2017 | Dataquest

International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women Leadership in IT Industry

Be it home, social, economic or political achievements; women are making the same progress in getting equal presence and pay in the workforce as their male counterparts. While men have been dominating most industries, women’s involvement has also been continually increasing, especially in the tech industry. Although tech has always been a predominantly male industry but now organizations are being driven by some of the best and brightest women in the industry. As International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women globally; what better way to mark the occasion than celebrating the incredible women who are making a difference with technology in India.

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March 02, 2017 | The Economic Times

From DMs to video chats, social media is the new office messenger

Emails are dead. At least in most modern day organisations. With millennials taking over the workforce, many offices have taken a cue from popular culture and are reaching out to their employees through what was once considered a distraction: the social media. For instance, during the Nasscom India Leadership Forum, Sushma Rajagopalan, CEO, ITC Infotech, revealed that she didn't send emails to her 7,000-odd employees. Instead, for the past year or so, Rajagopalan has been engaging with them through desktop messaging. “It's not always collaborative, but the information stream is no more than 160 characters,“ she says.

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March 01, 2017 | The Economic Times (Brand Equity)

Meet Vivel’s #BossWomen who decided to end sexism and say “Ab Samjhauta Nahin”

Unstoppable ambition and signature styles is what defines these non-conformists who aren’t deterred by gender stereotypes. Meet the #BossWomen who have blazed their own trails to the very top. Vivel unveils an inspiring video series which explores their remarkable journey to shatter the glass ceiling in business. Their fearless pursuit of their dreams and the courage to say Ab Samjhauta Nahin brings to bear the indomitable spirit that continuously strives to encourage women to make their own choices.

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February 01, 2017 | CIO Review (India Edition)

ITC Infotech India: Deploying Robust Cloud ERP With Maximized ROI

ITC Infotech, a fully owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd., has rich experience in implementing ERP solutions for global enterprises across industries and a significant portion of ITC’s businesses; giving them a unique dual perspective of being an end-user as well as a system integrator. ITC Infotech leverages this expertise to create a fit-for-purpose ERP implementation through accurate business process mapping, the right resources and effective change management. ITC Infotech has been working with leading global companies from a variety of industries. The ERP Analytics practice has grown exponentially having won several new Global clients. They provide Business Analytics & Business Intelligence, Performance Management & Information management services using SAP Analytics, Oracle Business Analytics platform and third party reporting tools.

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January 17, 2017 | WhichPLM

Athleisure: the emerging fashion statement that is becoming the new

Athleisure describes the trend for wearing workout wear all day: taking leggings and yoga pants around town, or even wearing trainers at the workplace. It’s essentially comfortable, high-performance, luxurious workout wear that goes all the way from the workplace to yoga studio to the neighborhood coffee shop. Over the last decade, athletic wear has gained so much popularity that it has carved out a place of its own in the apparel industry, leading to the term “athleisure”(athletics + leisure). The cultural shift towards less formal wear has only helped increase its acceptance.

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