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Consumerization is leading to more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. As the health insurance industry transforms to adopt to the digital paradigm, accountability for the quality and cost of care delivered undergoes greater scrutiny. Powered by advanced analytics and predictive models, the Health Insurance sector is seeing newer models evolving for care and payments.

Health Insurance providers partner with ITC Infotech to win in the Digital era – reinventing the way they interact with end users, making customer centricity a core theme across the organization.



The Health Insurance industry is faced with challenges of changing customer behavior, reforms, new insurance exchanges, next-gen technology and a constant endeavor to retain industry leadership. In order to grow and retain memberships, payers need to harness new emerging care and business models.

As a specialized partner to the Health Insurance industry, across public and private segments, ITC Infotech brings vast experience in delivering domain centric technology solutions. ITC Infotech’s Digital Health Insurance services are closely aligned to the strategic goals of Payer and Provider Organizations – optimize operations, control cost, improve outcomes and enhance customer experience.


Case study

Knowledge Management Strategy

Healthcare Organization Eliminates Heavy Capex Investments & Achieves Faster Decision cycles, Lower Mean Time to ...

Case study

Report Redesign

Reporting & Analytics Solution for a Healthcare Major Enabled Cost Optimization & Improved Quality of Care

Case study

Data Strategy

Greater Data Accessibility, Consolidation & Mobile Platform Support for a Healthcare Organization


How Big Data Can Drive Down Re-admission

ITC Infotech's end-to-end Big Data transformation platform integrates and builds a repository of claims data, EHR, ...


Business Rule Management System (BRMS) for Health Insurance

Business rules are hidden within applications - changing these rules is a complex and tedious process. Business Rule ...

Case study

Integrated Technology Platform for Improved UX & Better Customer...

The client needed to revamp the existing website to create an integrated platform capable of hosting responsive and ...

Case study

Improved operational efficiencies via efficient testing, report...

Implementation of effective software straightened the operational creases to ensure error-free outgoing correspondence, ...

Case study

Effective Report Designing System Helpes Leading Healthcare Payer...

As organizations diversify into newer revenue streams they required an business intelligence applications for ...

Case study

Responsive User Friendly Portals Enhances Customer Satisfaction

The portals of a newly licensed health insurance company were not customer friendly and lacked some basic features ...


ITC Infotech’s Self-service Portal – a holistic solution for the healthcare industry
ITC Infotech has developed a self-service portal solution for the Healthcare industry, to enhance customer experience in the Health Insurance sector. Compelling user experience, responsive design,...

Transformational Digital Banking Solutions

Integrated solutions for the Health Insurance industry

Contextualize Customer Experience across channels

Process Mapping – A force multiplier for requirements...


$9.5 tr

The forecast for net global healthcare expenditure by 2018


Consumers willing to share their medical records with a health system in order to aid in their own diagnosis and treatment

40 years

Age of technology used to manage claims process by many insurers - hindering innovation

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