ITC Infotech acquired Pyxis Solutions, a niche player offering Quality Assurance (QA) solutions and testing services, in August 2008. The acquisition of Pyxis Solutions is a manifestation of our commitment to building deep and differentiated capabilities in identified niches.

Through this acquisition, we intend to leverage Pyxis Solutions specialized expertise in offering QA services and ITC Infotech’s robust global delivery model to offer superior solutions and value to our customers.

Pyxis Solutions, headquartered in US, is a recognized service provider of QA services with focus on high end capabilities in QA management and consulting, Functional testing, Data Validation testing, Quantitative Analysis Testing, Load testing and performance engineering and Environment and Release management.

Why Quality Assurance?

The purpose of a Quality Assurance Methodology is to define a dynamic, repeatable process to be employed in assuring that software systems consistently meet the end user requirements. The Quality Assurance process outlines a step-by-step approach for defining the required quality criteria, setting the priorities of the quality criteria, ensuring the quality criteria are observed, and demonstrating the software systems adhere to those criteria.

QA Management Consulting
Development of QA processes and tools for customers
Best practices for Defect Tracking, Requirements Traceability, Version Control, Design Review, Release Management, Configuration Management, Environment Management, and Testing Approach
Test Planning
System architecture, test requirements, test approach, test strategy, schedule, QA environments, resources, audit criteria (paper trail)
Functional Testing
Utilize Subject Matter Expertise (SME) to confirm that all critical business requirements are tested before system implementation
Quantitative Analysis Testing
Complete documentation of the algorithmic functions and test scripting to validate algorithmic uses in different business scenarios
Quantitative Models built to support testing of business scenarios
Data Validation Testing
Assure accuracy and completeness with control over each transaction and data element through identification of data tables, software components, and environments to be tested
Automated Testing
Integrated Manual and Automated testing approach; Manual test plans incorporate a migration path for automation of test scripts utilizing data-driven mechanism
Load Testing / Performance Engineering
Ability to emulate large number users to insure the quality, performance, stability and scalability of batch and online applications
Performance Testing stresses the application’s processing capability and compliance with performance criteria under specific transaction requests and business functions loads
Environment and Release Management
Uniform product release methodology tailored to client needs with emphasis on environment re-use
Industry Domain Expertise
Trade Cycle expertise
  • Front/Middle Office Operations

  • Brokerage Operations

  • Prime Brokerage Services

  • Securities Processing and Clearing

Business & Support areas
  • Private Banking

  • Corporate Treasury Operations

  • Risk Management

  • Compliance and Regulatory i.e. Basel II

  • Operation Risk

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