The global financial system has become massively interconnected and interdependent – conditions which have driven up uncertainty and larger market fluctuations. In an environment that is characterized by demanding customers, trust deficit, volatility, increasing regulatory oversight and disruptive technologies; there are significant structural changes needed within financial institutions, but a proactive response is often being inhibited by their own complexity.

This perfect storm of industry challenges are driving financial institutions to simply the operating environment, be nimble to respond to the dynamic business needs, drive innovation to differentiate them and effectively comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements.

Technology will be a central component for success as always, but it is no longer sufficient to simply adopt technology. Industry leaders are closely aligning strategy and technology decisions for sustainable growth and revenue.

We partner to:

  • Build a customer centric financial institution
  • Simplify the operating environment
  • Accelerate innovation while managing costs
  • Comply with increasing regulations

Our team:

Composed of industry specialists and technology experts, we provide a complete range of enterprise IT services to global banks, financial services and insurance majors across a range of functional areas. Our consultants have deep expertise in solutioning and managing transformation project delivering value and simplifying the clients operating environment.

With headquarters in Bangalore and offices in US, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific we provide world-class services using a dynamic onshore offshore model that best suits its clients.

  • “During the last 6 months, the applications supported by the Team have grown significantly. All the applications are large and complex and are at the heart of the overall architecture. To date KT has been successfully performed for 8 applications. Over the past 4 to 5 months the team has displayed a great level of commitment and professionalism to their customers by supplying 24x7 support over weekends. In summary, I am very pleased with the work the team is doing and importantly they are improving the service month on month.” Engagement Manager (Personal Accounts), Large European bank

  • “The award of a five is rarely given and requires an exceptional level of service for a month. After discussion with your customers, I think it is justified.” Production support Manager (Internet Banking), Large European bank

  • “Consistent and excellent performance from all the channel team members. Really appreciate it.” Engagement Manager (Channels), Large Middle East Bank

  • "The services provided by both the ITC support and design teams have been very satisfactory during this project. The quality of the required deliverables as well as the substantial system enhancements was very high. Very little defect fixing was required. On the Single sign-on aspect of this project, ITC was prepared and quite attentive to their required interactions with the various members of IT team. Good job." – Customer Engagement Manager.

  • ““This is outstanding! It “felt” like the release weekend went well, but look at the graphs! Unbelievable!!!!! Thank you for your time, dedication and tenacity. – Customer’s Vice President

  • "I have finished the remaining pre-UAT tests (apart from recon which is running now). The quality has been really good which shows that both development and test teams are working very effectively. Avoiding multiple phases of pre-UAT will make it much easier for us to hit the target date” – Customer BI Development Manager

  • ’We have for a while been working hard to clean up and solve an urgent production problem regarding reporting to Tax Authorities. You have taken care of this in a very professional manner all the way and made it possible to go forward and reach this point. Your contributions - both in terms of academic high level as the great personal commitment is something that we value very high. Thank you so much. “ Customer System Manager

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