Sustainability Management

Whether your organization has never created a sustainability report, or you have prior experience in sustainability reporting, the Centre for Sustainability has a range of services that can help you attain increased effectiveness and efficiency in your sustainability reporting practices.

Drawing on our core competencies and experience in developing and reviewing sustainability reports and our knowledge of international CSR frameworks, CfS can help you build your reporting capabilities, develop targets and prepare reports, as well as review the success of your reporting efforts.

Our Sustainability Report Assessment is an objective analysis of your sustainability report. Assessments are conducted in accordance with the globally recognised Global Reporting Initiative, GRI (G3) Guidelines, and the AA1000 Assurance Standard.

Sustainability Assessment Services
Our assessment methodology is based on the G3 framework that summarizes the report content and quality. We assess reports using specific key reporting parameters divided into two basic sections – Content and Quality.

Sustainability Assessment Services

The report content assessment covers the Materiality, Stakeholder Inclusiveness, Sustainability Context and Completeness of the report.

The report quality is assessed by keeping in view the Balance, Comparability, Accuracy, Timeliness, Clarity and Reliability of the data represented in the report.
The Assessment helps organizations create more accurate reports and improve the reporting process.

  • Content: Addressing more stakeholders with a bottom-up approach
  • KPIs and Sector Supplements: Reliable indexing of the KPIs in the report
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Fill gaps in Stakeholder Engagement and address their concerns in the report
  • Materiality Matrix: Highlights the shortfalls of linkages provided in the report

Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder engagement is the process in which an organization’s stakeholders engage in dialog to improve the decision-making process and accountability toward sustainability and achieving a healthy triple bottom-line. Stakeholder engagement takes into account the concerns and objectives of an organization’s stakeholders in its decisions. Stakeholder engagement takes into account the varying perspectives, priorities, and limitations of different stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement Methodology:

  • Identification of stakeholders of the organization
  • Initial engagement with stakeholders to identify opportunities and risks
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Material issues identification
  • Arrive at materiality matrix for reporting
  • Prioritize stakeholders for the engagement
  • Draw stakeholder engagement plan
  • Identify the most relevant indicators to be reported in the sustainability report
  • Intensity