Frequently Asked Questions

What can OptSustain do?
Why should my company use OptSustain?
Can I capture all the indicators of GRI framework through OptSustain?
What is the reporting workflow within OptSustain?
What is the pricing structure of OptSustain?
What tools are available within OptSustain?
How do I get in touch with the Centre for Sustainability?

What can OptSustain do?
OptSustain can simplify your entire sustainability reporting process. It is a single tool through which you can capture sustainability data, manage and monitor it, generate graphs and reports that can be incorporated into your sustainability report, and even produce a draft report as per one of various international frameworks.

Why should my company use OptSustain?
OptSustain is built on the knowledge base of years of domain expertise in the industry. It can simplify your company's reporting process through:

  • Organizing and streamlining the data gathering phase
  • Simplifying the process of analyzing data, through graphs of various formats
  • Making the process of audit smoother, through an easily accessible audit trail
  • Generating sustainability reports that are compliant with GRI and other international reporting frameworks.

What kind of data can I capture through OptSustain? Can I capture all the indicators of GRI framework?
OptSustain allows you to report on all the indicators as specified in the GRI framework. Both qualitative and quantitative information can be captured through the templates; supporting documents -whether it be PDF, Excel spreadsheets or images - can also be uploaded.

What is the reporting workflow within OptSustain?
OptSustain allows you to mirror your organization's structure within the software. You can easily set up a network of users with suitable rights for data entry and approval, which can be centrally managed.

What features are available within OptSustain?
OptSustain allows you to carry out the following functions:

Since OptSustain comes with pre-built templates, there is little need to carry out a lengthy design phase. Nevertheless, you can standardize company-specific features across the tool – such as details regarding fuel used, materials produced, etc.

Setup access rights:
OptSustain allows for granular access rights definition. You can choose and centrally control who in your organization gets access to which aspect of the tool.

Setup approval flows:
The chain of approval within your organization can be mirrored within OptSustain in order to define the sequence in which the data for approval should flow through your organization.

Gather data:
OptSustain can be your single point to capture data across all relevant indicators related to economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Analyze data:
OptSustain has powerful tools for generating graphs from the gathered data. This data can be analyzed within the tool itself, in order to guide decision-making.

Generate sustainability reports:
All the raw data that has been captured, the graphs and analyses that have been generated and the management disclosures and standard disclosures that have been entered can be populated within a single document that can then be used as a sample sustainability report.

How do I get in touch with the Centre for Sustainability?
Click here.