OptSustain is a web-enabled sustainability management and reporting tool.

It has been purpose-built to efficiently measure, monitor and manage sustainability-related indicators across all levels of an organization.

OptSustain comes pre-configured with templates as per various national and international sustainability reporting frameworks, and this obviates the need for a complex design and customization phase, allowing quick implementation. It can also be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization, and this approach ensures easier implementation, as well as more secure and more efficient use.

In developing OptSustain a strong focus has been on ensuring ease of use, without compromising on the ability to solve complex reporting needs.

Whether you are a first-timer and have yet to begin reporting on your sustainability initiatives, or are a first-mover with years of sustainability reporting under your belt, OptSustain can simplify and make easier your entire process.
OptSustain - a product by ITC Infotech for sustainability management and reporting.