OptSustain – Benefits

Why is OptSustain an essential tool in your organization’s tool-kit in order for you to be at the forefront of sustainability reporting?

  • Competence
    ITC Infotech has deep competence in corporate reporting of environment, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.
  • Complete solution
    All areas of reporting, as defined by the customer, are included in a single system
  • Scalability
    OptSustain can be used for reporting on multiple international and national frameworks like GRI, UNGC, MDG, etc.
  • In-built Design
    OptSustain has preconfigured templates, eliminating the need for lengthy and in-depth customization, enabling faster and hassle-free roll out.
  • Rapid Implementation and ease of use
    The fact that OptSustain is a pre-configured tool enables quick roll-out. The templates for data capture are self explanatory and are easy to use, even for users with little or no knowledge about the GRI methodology.
  • Resource efficiency
    Coordination of routines, information and reporting in one system.
  • User-friendly interfaces
    Ensures ease of use and reduces the need for training.
  • Flexibility
    Reporting is based on available information and changes can be implemented when needed.