Personalized Content Delivery (PCD)

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) is an emerging trend in the pharmaceutical industry. CLM is used to measure effectiveness of the organization’s marketing and sales activities. ITC Infotech has partnered with Oracle in developing the product “Personalized Content Delivery” (PCD) which is a comprehensive CLM solution. PCD application enables Medical Representatives (Medical Rep) to:

Deliver relevant focused and consistent messages aligned with the segment of the customer
Detail and deliver the product messages to the physicians in an offline mode. Synchronization ensures both offline CRM client and enterprise CRM application are updated with latest information
Facilitates effective bi-directional flow of communication between the Medical Representatives and physicians
Track and record metrics on all physician interactions
Manage sampling activities by tracking sample drops and capturing signature of physician as an acknowledgement

Business benefits of Oracle’s PCD CLM Solution:

Lower TCO: PCD lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to maintain and integrate multiple disparate systems to manage CLM and CRM processes and activities. PCD does not required new hardware, connectors or special interface builds.
Tight Integration with Siebel application: Leverage seamless synchronization between CLM and CRM applications, i.e., PCD’s tight integration with Siebel CRM application allows marketing teams to distribute new messages quickly to the field and track responses to the messages.
Ease of Content Creation: PCD does not require proprietary tools to create content, thus allowing common cross-channel assets to be leveraged
Third party content creation: PCD content can be created from a number of third party content creation tools in various formats

CLM Analytics from ITC Infotech:

ITC Infotech has developed a business intelligence solution to analyze and present physician interaction metrics data available from PCD. The solution provides various analytical dashboards displaying graphical and tabular formats, covering sales and marketing based key performance indicators (KPIs). The dashboards provide necessary decision support to the marketing and sales business leadership to realign marketing and sales messages, thus closing the loop in marketing. The solution helps:

Analyze and determine the utilization levels of PCD application
Analyze the acceptance of marketing messages by customer segments
Understand the behavior and preferences of every customer segment
Gain insights on the best/worst performing marketing messages to various segments of physicians by tracking the time spent on each messages