Supply Chain Design & Optimization

Evolving market dynamics are leading to volatility in supply chains, hampering global operations. Executives are grappling with strategic question – is my supply chain framework aligned for the next to 3 to 5 years of business growth? Do I have the right number and locations for existing distribution centers? Will we be able to improve supply chain efficiency and service levels?

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to address pertinent supply chain challenges through our network design and optimization services – helping businesses strategically plan and design supply chain frameworks and policies to reduce overall all costs and improve service levels.

Integrated Supply Chain Planning & Efficiency

With demand and supply synchronization becoming increasingly crucial to supply chain management success, businesses are increasingly focusing on optimizing inventory cost, better resource utilization and customer service levels.

Clients across industries partner with ITC Infotech to create an integrated planning and managed services for a holistic supply chain solution. We start with analyzing existing processes and offer a host of supply chain planning and efficiency services that include gauging business-IT alignment along with business expectations and recommending necessary interventions to address the gaps in process design, tool selection and implementation, KPI identification, policy formulations, automation, etc.

ITC Infotech’s re-design and implementation support to a global agricultural commodity trading giant transformed their customer service. With our end-to-end supply chain management capabilities, we have also designed and integrated planning tools for a leading paper manufacturer and improved their On Time in Full (OTIF) and Order Delivery Lead Time (ODLT).

Risk Analysis using Flood Alert & Location specific Crime Data

Claim severity has a huge impact on the growth of insurance companies. With advance technologies, Insurance companies can now alert their customers on impending calamities. With an Early Warning System (EWS), huge losses can be averted. New insights from location based data mining can help underwriters better analyze risks.

ITC Infotech offers early warning system (EWS) and advanced statistics in insurance on floods and crime data.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard Application for Retail – RADAR

Isolating insights in real-time from distributed data sources, including social media, is key in continuously improving product and sales strategies.

Global retailers partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our Real-time Analytics Dashboard Applications for Retail (RADAR) to maximize their sales based on continuous and dynamic repricing. RADAR provides a comprehensive picture of a product or service by extracting social sentiments and combining it with competitive prices and promotions on the internet.

Big Data – Enriched, Transformed, Analyzed – ZEAS

The deluge of data will grow bigger and more complex, with vast amounts of valuable data set to come in from IoT devices. For businesses to be able to isolate actionable insights from data, generated from across sources and in different formats, will require creating a data supply chain – and the first step is to create a systematic funnel to collect and prepare data.

Clients partner with ITC Infotech to leverage our enterprise-class big data accelerator ZEAS – to ingest, prepare, cleanse, transform, store, control, analyze and dashboard all data into a single easy-to-use system.

ZEAS makes big data systems implementations up to 5X faster than other systems by providing a foundation to carry out all data processes from a single system. ZEAS provides customers the tool to derive the information they need when they need it. An intuitive GUI built over the latest enterprise grade Hadoop technologies provides access controls, monitoring and alerting mechanisms.

B2B Sales Analytics

Airline sales teams carry out myriad responsibilities that ranges from conducting direct sales by reaching out to corporate houses and travel agents, to negotiating agency agreements for renewals, upgrades and terminations.

The next-gen Airlines B2B Sales Analytics solution from ITC Infotech provides real-time support to airline sales teams via cloud and mobility-based sales automation platforms. The solution addresses multiple analytics requirements in the sales cycles from sales planning, lead and contact management to contract management and sales support.

Competitive Intelligence

Market information data has traditionally been used by airlines only to carry out analysis relating to sales, pricing and market shares. A sustainable and profitable business model today demands real-time insights that powers agility in decision making processes.

Competitive intelligence is an important component of business processes that help in formulating market-oriented strategies with respect to capacity allocation, segmentation and pricing as well as proactive inventory management.

ITC Infotech’s competitive intelligence solution framework helps airlines integrate competitive intelligence data (MIDT- Marketing Information Data Transfer) with other relevant data across applications, based on the functions being analyzed. This integrated approach is essential to effectively use competitive intelligence across the organization, thereby maximizing potential and helping shape airline analytics.

Customer Value Management

The ability to view a customer as a single entity often poses a challenge for most enterprises, given the multi-channel access modes available. Consolidation of fragmented customer data (and consequently insights) across multiple channels is critical to knowing who the customer is – and ensuring the most profitable customers stay loyal.

ITC Infotech’s Customer Value Management (CVM) framework is a closed loop process that enhances knowledge about customers through sophisticated analytics. It helps airlines segment the customer base (known or unknown) and basis that formulate highly effective marketing strategies that maximize revenue conversions. Airline service offerings can now be structured around insightful inputs that are extracted from customer data.

Loyalty Management

Loyalty programs – a marketing model that airlines are credited with having created is impacting the industry, across all departments. Loyalty programs have evolved from being structured around the traditional R&R model to programs that offer significantly enhanced value propositions. All aspects of the airline business are being restructured to operate in a customer-centric fashion, requiring supporting applications to cut across functions in the airline IT landscape.

Off-the-shelf solutions often prove to be inadequate, unable to meet specific demands of the network or the airline business model. With extensive experience and expertise in the airline domain, ITC Infotech is well placed to design, implement or migrate large-scale and distributed loyalty applications. From redesign of legacy systems to the latest cloud-based solutions, our technical expertise and partnerships with industry leaders such as Oracle and Microsoft makes us the best suited technology partner for customized loyalty program implementations.